Wes Borland


Here's the true net worth of Wes Borland On this page you can see the Wes Borland's real net worth as 2018.

Full Name Wes Borland
Net Worth $5 million
Date Of Birth February 7, 1975
Place Of Birth Richmond, Virginia, USA
Height 1.85 m
Occupation Musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, artist, oil painter and sculptor
Profession Record producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Sculptor, Music artist, Painter, Visual Artist, Rollin’, Behind Blue Eyes, Break Stuff
Work Position “Shotgun”
Nationality American
Spouse CarrĂ© Callaway, Anna Borland, Heather McMillan, Rollin’, Behind Blue Eyes, Break Stuff
Parents Tom Borland, Sally Borland, Rollin’, Behind Blue Eyes, Break Stuff
Siblings Scott Borland
Nicknames Wes Borland, Borland, Wes
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/wesborland
IMDB http://imdb.com/name/nm0096983
Music Groups Rollin’, Behind Blue Eyes, Break Stuff, Limp Bizkit, Black Light Burns, Marilyn Manson, Big Dumb Face, Combichrist, The Damning Well, Filter, Fear and the Nervous System
Movies The Adventures Of Christopher Bosh In The Multiverse
Star Sign Aquarius